Do all the things

We have a large number of admin mods running, which sometimes cause conflicts. If you're trying to do something you think you should be allowed to do, PM JentheGeek. There is likely a permission misconfigured. A full list of installed plugins are at the bottom of the page.


There is a deliberate lack of teleportation commands, that way we're forced to experience much more of the great world around us, and interact more with each other. The few have are:

/tpa <player> requests permission to teleport to a player.

Use /tpaccept or /tpdeny to accept/deny the request.


/compass displays your bearing

/getpos displays your coordinates

/nick allows you to set a nickname

/realname <player> allows you to see the player's real name.

/rules gives a link to the rules page, and any new addition to be aware of.

/depth gives your height relative to sea level

/seen <player> Lets you know how long it has been since a player has been online


To use all these run the command, and then right click on the object.

/lock and /unlock to lock doors, chests, furnaces, etc.

If you want to let another player use the object, use /sc add <player>, and /sc deny <player> if you specifically want to deny a player access (overrides global lists)

/sc remove <player> removes a player from either the allowed or denied list for that object

/sc [gadd|gremove] <player> to add/remove a player from your global allow list. Players on this list will be able to access all of your locked items.


Snow: Use snow balls to place snow and freeze water.

Painting Switcher: Right click painting, scroll through until you get the painting you want, then right click again.

Chairs: Right click stairs with nothing in your hand to sit on them. To get up, right click somewhere else

Trees and crops are automatically replanted (trees must be cut down with an axe).

When you die you will only drop 20% of your inventory.