1. Please build a small home near spawn (either inside the city walls or just outside the main gate). This is to serve as a message centre, so people can communicate with you when you're not online. Either have a designated wall for signs, or a chest with a book and quill in it. Or both! These homes will be considered open access, so don't store any valuables there. It's a good place to store any excess materials for people to borrow.
  2. If you are borrowing materials from someone - even if you have already gotten permission - place a sign saying what you took. Make sure you remember to replace it within a reasonable amount of time!
  3. Alternatively, place excess basic materials (such as cobble, dirt, etc.) in the city hall. These do not need to be returned as such, but please be considerate!
  4. For community projects let the community know what you have planned, what you'd need, and what help you'd like. For some projects this might not be needed, but for something like a rail system you may want to pull in some extra miners.
  5. While I understand wanting to keep a build a surprise, once it's done please build a path connecting to the main roads/rails, and put it's location in your city home. If it is intended for public use, put a notice up in city hall for it!


While this is a survival server, the emphasis is on creativity. That said, there are a few guidelines.

  1. Buildings should have some sort of purpose. This could be an entirely invented purpose with no basis in reality, but it should give the building a reason for existing. An epic watch tower is a good example; There isn't actually any need for a watch tower but it is a reason for the building to exist.
  2. There is no set time period in general, but there are a few guidelines.

    i) Near spawn should all be the pseudo-medieval style common among smaller minecraft structures.

    ii) Buildings within visual range of each other should be of a similar style. If your neighbour is an Egyptian pyramid, you should not build a space launch area. These groups of similar styles will help build the regions.

    iii) Actual time period does not matter, as long as the styles complement.

  3. If you have a large build you'd like help with, doing a schematic may be a good idea so that others know what you want them to do exactly.


While every rule has its exception, these are to be followed unless explicitly given permission to do so by an admin.


  1. Do not take blocks from structures you have not built, even if they are generated villages. Mineshafts and spawner dungeons are fair game. You may remove blocks from nether fortresses IF and ONLY IF it does not impact the look of the building (i.e. taking blocks from the centre of the support structures).
  2. Fast acting redstone circuits are hard on the server. Make sure these have an off switch and keep them off when not in use.
  3. If using an auto-spawn system make sure you turn it off when not in use. Else you may end up with a hole filled with a million ducks which crashes the server.
  4. Slow acting circuits may be kept on, but if you notice lag please turn it off for a while.
  5. If you can see another person's building, you may be too close for your build. Outline your build area with cobble, and post notices for the person you are near to get their opinion. If you don't hear anything in a reasonable amount of time (a few days at least), contact a mod and they will make a decision.
  6. Large builds are awesome and impressive, but don't build big just for the sake of big. If it is an eye sore it may be removed. As a rule of thumb, the larger the build the further from spawn it should be.
  7. Do not strip mine the overworld. Underground that is fine, but I do not want to see giant holes in the desert. If you need large amounts of sand please terraform the area. If it's a far desert you may set it up as a (well structured) quarry as long as there is a path to the main road.
  8. Booby traps are cool, but make sure you have an "enter at your own risk" sign clearly visible.
  9. Respect locked doors, even if you can get around them.


  1. Foul language is fine, but don't over use it. If you fell in lava and lost all your diamonds, that's an appropriate time to curse. It is not punctuation.
  2. Same for chatspeak. There are times when it may be useful, but for the most part please use full sentences and grammar.
  3. Foul topics are a different matter. We aren't in the habit of censorship, but if someone asks for you to stop talking about a subject, please take it to PMs or just move on. We understand that this is a highly subjective rule, so generally the punishment will just be a warning to knock it off.
  4. Do not be a grammar nazi. If the person is easily understood, then there is no need to call them on errors. There's no spell check in minecraft, and you don't always have time to review every message. If you truly don't understand, politely ask for clarification.
  5. We are an English server. While you don't need to be exceptionally proficient, we do ask that you always speak English in the main chat so that mods can understand what you are saying.


  1. Material choice is an individual preference. Cobble, dirt, gravel, etc. can all make fine building materials if used well! Do not dismiss a structure just because it's outside the normal "good" materials, and do not insult a player for deciding to use them. Variety is the spice of life!
  2. Bullying will not be tolerated. This is hard to pin down to specifics, but mods and admin will take reports very seriously. If you don't have anything nice to say, just walk away. Minecraft is a big world, there's room for everyone.
  3. Spamming the chat, regardless of reason, is just annoying. So don't do that.
  4. No greifing.


  1. Mods and Admin have special powers. They have earned these powers by showing that they can use them for good. Bugging them to help you just so you can be lazy will get you at best ignored, and at worst banned. Getting stuck in a hole sucks, and is a legit reason to ask to get teleported. Being lost is another good reason. Being lazy is not.
  2. Tools used to cheat, regardless of method, will not be tolerated.


  • For minor offences (such as chat spamming) you will be muted. If you have to be repeatedly muted, expect to be banned.
  • Users will always be given a chance to tell their side of the story before any permanent bans. Temp bans may be used to force players to cool off if arguments get heated. A temp ban does not mean you were in the wrong, just that the situation needed to be diffused.
  • Users unable to keep their hands to themselves may find that they can no longer open chests or doors.
  • We will be erring on the side of keeping the community a welcoming area. If you are simply disruptive for the sake of being disruptive, expect to be called on it.

Project ideas!

  1. City hall is rather bare. Improve on it!
  2. The city circle is also pretty bare.
  3. A path and/or rail system leading through various biomes.
  4. Various community buildings, such as communal farms, enchanting areas, etc.

Upcoming enhancements

  • Regions! Coordinates are nice and precise, sure, but they're also very impersonal. We'll be setting up named regions for clusters of buildings etc. Not sure exactly how this will pan out, so feel free to add suggestions.
  • Stats! Because who doesn't love stats.
  • Economy! For now, just a barter system, but perhaps something more concrete in the future.